School Nutrition Initiatives

School Nutrition Initiatives

Breakfast Clubs

Breakfast clubs have been established in many schools across Wales to provide a healthy, balanced breakfast before school begins. The Welsh Assembly Government have introduced the Primary School Free Breakfast Initiative, which aims to provide all primary school aged children, registered in maintained primary schools in Wales, with the opportunity to receive a free, healthy breakfast each school day. It is intended to help improve the health and concentration of pupils, to assist in the raising of standards of learning and attainment. It involves parents but is not intended to replace breakfast already provided. It allows all those who have not had breakfast, to have one in school.

For more information visit the Primary School Free Breakfast Initiative website  .

Fruit Tuck Shop

A fruit tuck shop is set up by pupils, parents or staff to sell fresh fruit, dried fruit and fruit juice to pupils during the school day, they may be run by children. Fruit can be supplied by a wholesaler, retailer, supermarket or co-operative, and is delivered to school or collected on a regular basis.

The Food Standards Agency Wales and Welsh Assembly Government have published Fruit tuck shops in primary schools, providing a practical guide to planning and running a fruit tuck shop.
For more information click on Fruit tuck shops in primary schools .

Through Sustain’s Grab 5! Project they have provided guidance on setting up a fruit tuck shop. For more information click on Grab 5! Action Pack .

Appetite for Life

Appetite for Life sets out the strategic direction and actions required to improve the nutritional standards of food and drink served and sold in schools across Wales. School meals play a significant role in the diets of children and young people and consuming a more nutritious diet during the school day is seen as playing a central role in combating and reducing diet related health problems like heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Appetite for Life is part of broader policy on food and fitness for children and young people which is set out in the Assembly’s Food and Fitness Implementation Plan. A variety of stakeholders are involved in the delivery of the overall policy and Kerry Robinson has been appointed as the Food in Schools coordinator to work with and support local authorities to implement the recommended food and nutrient based standards as set out in Appetite for Life.

Further information regarding Appetite for Life including all supporting documents can be found on the Welsh Government website