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Global Policy and Strategy

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World Health Organisation Global strategy on diet, physical activity and health
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has adopted a broad-ranging approach Global strategy on diet, physical activity and health, under a mandate from the World Health Assembly (WHA).
The guiding principles of this process are:
  • Stronger evidence for policy: synthesize existing knowledge, science and interventions on the relationship between diet, physical activity and chronic disease.
  • Advocacy for policy change: inform decision-makers and stakeholders of the problem, determinants, interventions and policy needs.
  • Stakeholder involvement: agree on the roles of stakeholders in implementing the global strategy.
  • A strategic framework for action: propose appropriately tailored policies and interventions for countries.
Global Recommendations on Physical activity for Health

World Health Organization (WHO) have developed the Global Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health with the overall aim of providing national and regional level policy makers with guidance on the dose-response relationship between the frequency, duration, intensity, type and total amount of physical activity needed for the prevention of NCDs.

The recommendations set out in this document address three age groups: 5–17 years old; 18–64 years old; and 65 years old and above.

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