Local Policy and Strategy

Local Policy and Strategy

Health, Social Care and Well Being Strategies and Children and Young People’s Plans

Each local authority and each Local Health Board is under a statutory duty to develop and implement a Health, Social Care and Well Being Strategy for the public in the local authority’s area. Health, Social Care and Well being Strategies are the key delivery mechanism for bringing about sustainable health improvement in communities. The 22 local Health, Social Care & Well Being Strategies cover a range of activities from preventative action to improve health and reduce the risk of ill health, through to care services provided by each Council, the National Health Service, and the voluntary and private sector agencies. They have all been based on local needs and provide local partnership solutions, but in a national context.

Links to the Health Social Care and Wellbeing Strategies for 2011 – 2014 are available from the Health in Wales website .

As part of these strategies, obesity, food and health and physical activity are prioritised as part of promoting healthy lifestyles, for example see Cardiff’s Healthy Weight, Healthy City priority theme .

Each local authority is under a statutory duty to publish a children and young people’s plan (CYPP) setting out its strategy for its functions in relation to children and young people. The CYPP’s address the seven core aims, which include that all children and young people should be given every chance:
1. To have a flying start to life – be born health into a secure and supportive family
2. To have access to appropriate educational opportunities – be able to fulfill their potential as learners
3. To be healthy and free from exploitation
4. Have access to play, leisure, sporting and cultural activities
5. To be listened to and treated with respect
6. To live in a safe home and community
7. To not be disadvantaged by poverty – thrive and become confident and caring people regardless of their family’s income.
Links to the Children and Young People’s Plans are available from the Children in Wales website.

The healthy lifestyles sections of the Health, Social Care and Well Being Strategy and the Children’s and Young People’s Plans are closely aligned.
The Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) have produced an information sheet that describes Local Authority Plans and Strategies.

Local Public Health Strategic Frameworks

In response to Our Healthy Future (the strategic framework for Public Health in Wales) through the Director of Public Health, each Health Board has been required to develop a Local Public Health Strategic Framework. The frameworks set out the services and activity required to meet identified local population needs, priority activities and outcomes. Each framework outlines the Health Board’s overall approach to the management and development of public health services, including the prioritisation of activity. In addition, it details those activities and services that will be undertaken in partnership with Public Health Wales, local authorities and the voluntary sector. Physical activity, nutrition or obesity (considered either separately or in combination) is a priority area in all public health strategic frameworks.
One way that Public Health Wales Local Public Health Teams are approaching this priority is through strategic and partnership working with the Health Board, local authority, third sector partners and others in implementation of the All-Wales Obesity Pathway .

Local Creating an Active Wales Action Plans

Creating an Active Wales Physical Activity Action Plan has asked local strategic partnerships and all relevant local authority departments such as leisure, planning and transport, Local Health Boards, Public Health Wales, Communities First Partnerships, Environment and Third and Private Sector organisations to develop a Local Creating an Active Wales Action Plan that address the broader determinants of physical activity.
Health, Social Care and Well Being Partnerships will agree these plans which supported by Sport Wales and will be submitted to the Welsh Government.
Guidance on the production of the new Local Creating an Active Wales Action Plans will be developed by the Welsh Assembly Government in consultation with partners including the Sports Council for Wales, Local Authorities and the Third Sector.

Example – Creating an Active Vale Action Plan 2011 – 2014

Archive of previous local physical activity and nutrition strategies and action plans:

Caerphilly Food and Fitness Strategy 2008 – 2011

Swansea Healthy Weight Strategy

Physical Activity