Physical Activity Data and Surveys

Physical Activity Data and Surveys

Active Healthy Kids Wales – Physical Activity Report Card

The 2014 Wales Report Card was produced by an expert group of academics and professionals including representatives from Swansea University, University of South Wales, Cardiff Metropolitan University and Glyndwr University.

Further information about the Report Card and how it can be used to make an assessment of the physical activity of children in Wales can be found at


Improving Health Through Participation in Sport: a review of research and practice

This report presents the findings from research commissioned by Sport England to review existing research and practice on improving health through sport. The research is intended to help Sport England align their sporting programmes with health priorities.
The research comprised:
• a rapid purposive review of relevant literature on the promotion of sport targeting inactive people (i.e. people currently not doing any sport or physical activity)
• a survey and series of key informant interviews to identify case studies of sports promotion practice in targeting, recruiting and engaging inactive participants in sports programmes

A review of data sources for physical activity outcomes. In support of Creating an Active Wales (2012)

This document describes the results of a rapid desk-based study to identify key sources of data that may be used to generate performance indicators, measure correlates or measure potential mediators of physical activity levels in Wales and transport related physical activity.


Physical Activity Statistics 2012

The British Heart Foundation has published a supplement which is the first to focus solely on physical activity statistics. It provides statistics on the levels, types and reasons for physical activity in the UK.


ALPHA: Assessing Levels of PHysical Activity and fitness at population level

ALPHA was launched in 2007 to facilitate the political debate on the understanding of actual physical activity levels in the European population which requires the availability of improved comparable information on physical activity in all member states.

ALPHA’s objective was to develop and test a comprehensive set of assessment methodologies for physical activity levels at the population level. The project focuses on a number of key factors that relate to the achievement and enablement of physical activity levels, such as the urban environment, transport related physical activity, work related physical activity and health related fitness.

The ALPHA study has reviewed the evidence, developed tools, and consulted with international experts to provide recommendations for assessing physical activity levels, the activity-related environment and health-related physical fitness at the population level. This information can now be accessed online.

Physical activity patterns among children in Wales

The latest British Heart Foundation National Centre (BHFNC) factsheets provide current statistics on the physical activity behaviours of children in Wales.
The factsheet includes all the latest facts and figures from national surveys to provide a picture of how active children are and include information on:
• the percentage of children meeting the Government’s physical activity guidelines
• travel to school data
• sedentary behaviour patterns
• provision of PE and sport in schools.

Physical activity patterns among adults in Wales

The British Heart Foundation National Centre has produced a factsheet on physical activity patterns among adults in Wales.

This latest resource provides up-to-date facts and figures on physical activity behaviours and includes information on:
• the numbers of adults in different age groups meeting the Government’s physical activity guidelines
• statistics on outdoor recreation
• data on personal travel
• sedentary behaviour patterns.

School Sport Survey

Building on twenty years of Sport Wales surveys on young people’s participation in sport, and school-based provision of sport, the data from this survey enables the monitoring and tracking of trends in Physical Education (PE) and school sport, and provides a base from which to shape sports policy and practice.
To read the results of the survey click on School Sport Survey

Active Adults Survey

This survey is commissioned by Sport Wales. It was established in 1987 and is conducted biannually. The aim of the survey is to monitor and evaluate participation in sport, and more recently, to assess the level of physical activity of people in Wales.

To read the results of the survey click on Active Adults Survey.


Sustrans’ Research and Monitoring Unit

Sustrans’ Research and Monitoring Unit has pioneered the development of monitoring and evaluation of sustainable travel interventions using a variety of tools. These tools can be found on their website.

Welsh Outdoor Recreation Survey

The Welsh Outdoor Recreation Survey measures participation in outdoor recreation amongst adults resident in Wales. It is jointly commissioned by the Countryside Council for Wales and the Forestry Commission Wales.

This detailed work provides a new insight into the different levels of participation in outdoor recreation, and for the first time provides a robust, quantifiable understanding of who does, and doesn’t, gain health benefits from engagement with the natural environment in Wales. The Reports and Profiles are available to download from the website.


The British Heart Foundation’s statistics website,, provides access to European data relating to physical activity