Joint Nutrition and Physical Activity Campaigns

Joint Nutrition and Physical Activity Campaigns

This section will give you more information about the campaigns, their aims, and any resources that may be available.

Age Concern Cymru Keep Well this Winter

Keep Well This Winter is a campaign which aims to provide information and support to people aged 65 and over to enable them to keep well this winter.
The campaign, which runs from September to February, is organised by the Welsh Government and brings together a range of initiatives, from government and the voluntary sector, into one concerted programme.

The three Keep Well This Winter themes are:
• Keep well
• Keep warm
• Keep safe.

For more information please visit the KWTW website.
Resources can also be downloaded from the ‘Promoting KWTW’ section of the website including a planning handbook and guide for the over 60’s.

Active Fat

New joint charity campaign urges Britons to examine their waistlines.

A new survey has revealed that 97 per cent of people in Britain are unaware that excess weight around their middle is generating higher levels of oestrogen and excess chemicals in their stomachs, putting them at risk of cancer, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Nearly three quarters of people admit to carrying excess weight around their middle, and more than half (57 per cent of women and 55 per cent of men) overestimate the waist measurement at which they become at risk.

The results of the survey, which questioned 2,085 adults in Great Britain, were released as Diabetes UK, Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation launched a new ‘Active Fat’ campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of carrying extra weight around your middle.

Dr Mike Knapton, Associate Medical Director for the British Heart Foundation, said:

“That ‘harmless’ spare tyre around your waist is actually a major health hazard. While you might be relaxing at home, your fat cells are working overtime to pump out excess hormones and other chemicals that can cause disease.

“Wrapping a tape measure around your middle takes just a few seconds, but it could be your vital first step towards a healthier future.”

The campaign is also calling for the European Parliament to support people to make healthier food choices by bringing in a single front-of-pack food labelling system across the EU, which includes traffic light colours.

To help people to trim their tummies, Cancer Research UK, Diabetes UK and the British Heart Foundation are sharing their top tips on losing weight through their joint campaign website.

The ‘Fight back’ section has excellent tips to get moving and healthy food swaps.

National Osteoporosis Society – Healthy Bones

The National Osteoporosis Society has launched a ‘Healthy Bones’ campaign which encourages people to become physically active, eat well and stop smoking in order to protect the bones and enable them to be a strong as possible and avoid problems like osteoporosis.
Resources relating to this campaign include: Healthy Bones – facts about food and Exercise and osteoporosis.


Change4Life is a social marketing programme from England designed to help people make changes to their lifestyles, so that they can eat well, move more and live longer.
Welsh Government launched Change4Life / Newid am Oes in Wales to challenge people to lead more active lives and develop better eating habits. Change4Life is a sub-brand of Health Challenge Wales for addressing physical activity and healthy eating.
The first phase of Change4Life in Wales was a series of workshops for partners during February 2010 to explain the components of the social marketing campaign and the support available for local partners. An ambitious advertising campaign that helped families eat well, move more and live longer hit television screens, billboards, public transport and newspapers in March 2010. The aim of the campaign was to kickstart a lifestyle revolution for every family in order to halt the rising tide of obesity.
Change4Life is also asking any organisations that want to promote Change4Life to sign up and become a supporter of the campaign. When they do, they can access materials, logos and branding. This will assist them to talk to those they work with regarding healthy eating and activity levels.
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