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8th Annual Meeting and Symposium of HEPA Europe

26 – 27 September 2012
Millennium Stadium and Millennium Centre, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

The Physical Activity and Nutrition Networks for Wales hosted the 8th annual meeting and symposium of the European Network for the Promotion of Health-Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA Europe) on the 26th and 27th September 2012. The main theme of the event was:

Getting to the grassroots: Using the ‘green’ environment to promote physical activity.

The symposium featured a welcome address by the Chief Medical Officer for Wales, Dr Ruth Hussey and a key note lecture by Dr William Bird MBE. The following parallel sessions were held as well as poster sessions.
National projects and approaches
to HEPA promotion
Regional and community approaches
to HEPA promotion
Monitoring and intervention
Health effects of physical activity HEPA promotion in specific target groups Informing HEPA practice
The physical activity loyalty card scheme: a randomised controlled trial Development of tool to assess social influences on physical activity in low SES groups Green space and physical activity, an observational study Correlates of habitual physical activity in German children Environmental influences on physical activity in ethnic children: a qualitative analysis
Promoting physical activity in older people: the Activ'Age project Quantifying the health and economic benefit of increased cycling: a trial using the HEAT tool for cycling Is physical activity a mechanism behind apparently positive natural environment health associations Promoting adolescent physical activity through the use of green space Questionnaires assessing the physical environment in the context of youth physical activity behaviour: a systematic review
From the couch to the coach: can sport reach inactive people Results from a community led intervention reducing health inequalities related to physical activity Only half the story: access to parks Gardening activity as a form of 'green exercise' for healthy ageing An examination of the relationship between enjoyment, physical education, physical activity and health in Irish adolescents Appying a socio-spatial recall methodology to investigate professional considerations relating to walkability
The active travel (Wales) bill Is proximity of urban greenspaces to schools a determinant of physical activity? Physical activity in urban parks Translating exercise-derived health benefits from the laboratory in to the community The relationship between physical activity and greenspace in deprived London neighbourhoods Wales outdoor recreation survey
Healthy towns, healthier people? "Join the healthy boat" school programme Activity trails and risks of falling Young people with cerebral palsy's experiences of adapted dynamic cycling Using the green environment to bring physical activity to young people living in deprived communities Planning and tailoring recruitment activities for 'hard to reach' groups
The national physical activity plaza: an interactive web database     Access to greenspace and health inequalities Nordic walking with Age Cymru Cycle logistics: shop by bike and 'moving goods by cycle'
The annual meeting of HEPA Europe included parallel sessions of its working groups and the plenary annual meeting of the network. The event also included a mayoral reception, a conference dinner and a range of activities including a cycle tour of Cardiff and Nordic walking.
Ogilvie Design was present at the symposium to provide a unique artwork based method of sharing information and feedback. Using quick fire drawings Ogilvie Design captured the meaning behind the discussions at the symposium and built a gallery of A1 images which delegates could then comment on and rate using sticky post its. These drawings have now been converted in to full colour digital illustrations which can be viewed here.
The programme from the event can be viewed here.
The evaluation report can be viewed here.
If you would like further information about this event or the HEPA Europe network please email   
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